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Some amazing artists coming to Goshen [Mar. 14th, 2007|06:56 pm]
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So they just released the lineup of artists that are coming to Sauder Concert Hall for the Performing Arts Series. The PAS brings world-class talent to the our small campus of Goshen College. The artists include:

1. Chanticleer - 9/8/07

2. Brubeck Brothers with Taylor Eigsti - 10/12/07

3. Sweet Honey in the Rock - 11/17/07

4. John McCutcheon and Carrie Newcomer - 2/8/08

5. Canadian Brass - 3/29/08

6. Swingle Singers - 4/18/08

7. The Smothers Brothers - 1/26/08

So, pretty much, everyone around here is excited. There's a lot of big talent coming to our little campus. If you don't know much about some of the groups, there's more information at www.gcmusiccenter.org/

In other news, the Relief Sale is this weekend, and I'll be home for the Saturday part. We should get together.