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Attack of the Christmas Break Thinking - Random Acts of Caution [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Attack of the Christmas Break Thinking [Dec. 21st, 2006|12:52 am]
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More thoughts. Covering "the reason for the season," thinking time, book recommendation, and CD recommendation. Read on if you'd like.

I've officially heard "The Reason for the Season" way to many times. Yes it rhymes. Yes it's catchy. No that doesn't mean you have to remind everyone at every Christian event to remember the reason for the season.

Also, I've heard now two alternate interpretations for the reason for the season, pretty much so that the message they were attached to would have a chance at being remembered. I'm not against this, both were good talks. It just kinda caught attention, because in both cases it wasn't central to the message. Just things that I notice now that I'm older and can pick apart messages for information and oddities.

Time ~ You may ignore this part, it's just a rant.
All this alone time at home can be a great thing. No one to bother me. Plenty of time to think. Oh wait, that's where I get myself in trouble. There's too much time to sit here and mull over thoughts that I'd rather put away. Thoughts like that bring pain, help nothing. They just generally suck, especially now. Grr. Stupid head.

Go read Adventures in Missing the Point by Tony Campolo and Brian D. McClarin. (pretty sure I didn't spell those correctly) Actually, don't rush to go get it. I found it a good read. However, you have to read it with the right mindset. If you go into it thinking you've got everything figured out, it won't be very enjoyable. If you are of the opinion that to question anything about your current faith is sinful, then you'll hate the book. But if you think it's good to have an honest and open discussion about your faith, things that bother you, things you don't understand, and things you maybe don't think are right, then you'll find this book an excellent addition to your shelf.

Musical pleasure
My CD recommendation: Diverse City by TobyMac.

The beats are there. The melodies are there. The emotion is there. The humor is there. The inspired lyrics are there. The diversity in styles, genres, and races is there. The only thing not diverse is the message: that we can not call ourselves a city on a hill until we truly become a diverse city.

Be dangerous with your love.